Heli-Skiing in Iceland

Heli-Skiing in Iceland
Heli-Skiing in Iceland

In Iceland you are treated as an individual both on and off the mountain – you are made to feel part of the experience and not just a paying spectator. If you want waiters in bow ties and your ego massaged do NOT come here. But if you want a genuine, ‘real’ experience with an emphasis on quality skiing, it does not get any better.

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Sitting right in the heart of the best ski terrain in Iceland the Klængshóll Lodge is an ancient sheep farm that’s been continually inhabited since Viking times around 850 AD. It has recently been renovated and a number of comfortable modern chalets surround it.

Klængshóll Lodge
Klængshóll Lodge

Covering more than 4000 square kilometers of breathtaking Arctic scenery the Troll Peninsula has terrain to suit almost every skier’s ability from intermediate right through to professional. If you like it steep nowhere else on the heli-ski map can deliver more consistently. Some zones are literally stacked with rows of steep couloirs that will tighten even the loosest sphincter.

Earlier in the season (March) wintery conditions tend to dominate with powder regularly found especially at higher elevations and on north facing slopes. From May to the end of June Iceland offers the best and most reliable corn snow skiing anywhere. Silky smooth golden corn cooked to perfection by Mother Nature.

Runs to The Beach

Heli-skiing in Iceland is one of the most unique heli-ski experiences around. Topping out at around 1,500 metres the mountains may not be particularly high but many runs end right on the beach and few if any other heli-ski operations can boast 1,200 vertical metre fall line runs right back to the lodge.

Heli-skiing in Iceland is one of the most unique heli-ski experiences around
Heli-skiing in Iceland is one of the most unique heli-ski experiences around

Quick Easy Access

This is simply the best and most accessible heli-skiing for anyone living in Europe or East Coast USA. From leaving your desk in London to staring out over Iceland’s magical peaks takes under three hours. Flights are inexpensive and there is no jet lag.

More Than Just Heli-Skiing

In Iceland the skiing is only one part of a magical and sometimes surreal experience. Long runs late into the golden arctic night, northern lights displays from the hot tub and picnics on the beach in the presence of dolphins and whales. This is a special place.

Terrain for Everyone

If you want to ski genuinely steep terrain there is nowhere else in the heli-ski world that can offer this type of skiing more consistently. Owing to its maritime climate with regular cycles of warming and cooling the snowpack tends to be incredibly stable in Iceland which allows the steeper terrain to be skied more often and more safely. At the other end of the spectrum Iceland also has plenty of easy mellow terrain perfect for less confident skiers looking for an easy introduction to heli-skiing. This is especially so in late May and June when the norm is to ski on the easiest snow mother nature knows how to provide.


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